Friday, February 12, 2010


i feel so dissapointed as i've marked quiz 1 results ..sigh..sumtimes i keep wondering why all this happened after i gave all of my effort to them, teach them sampai kering tekak nie..give an example in detail for each point..hurmm..what are actually happened??are they satisfied enuf with their result?????!!i was a student b4..semalas2 aku xla smpai cmnie..time nk test ke or quiz ke, watla sikit pengorbanan ..just for 2hours only!! ni x,nk elaborate pun malas!! hurmm..its not easy to be a lecturer..patience!! so aku dh planned nk buat extra class for bile tanye,sume bile masuk kelas, they r very talkative..gimme good responses..but when it comes to exam..seolah2 mcm xpernah belajar..come on guys!! wake up!! **sigh..**

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