Tuesday, April 6, 2010

:: 24th ::

i dun wanna write much..but, this pics story mory a lots, that im so happy to be part of get to knw be special to be one of their love ones..tqvm hunny, my dear friends, n students..this is gonna be the last time celebrating my besday as a single hunny, i love u more n more n more n more n more n more each second my heart beats for u sygku..thanx fer the suprises, for the bebe...n for being concerned, being too kind, too lovely, too sincere too humble, too too uuu...n tooooooo completed my life..n its enuf..i dun need more coz u ady gimme everything syg....u r my soul, my everything and MY BETTER HALF..LUV U HUN..


  1. miss, you are very strong and lucky! :)
    jgn bg spe2 pun ruin you guys pny relationship.
    protect it in any possible way you could.
    CkMa & Abg Adai did it. so do both of you!
    <33 Happy Birthday, Miss.
    from a young woman, to a young woman :')

  2. hihi...tqvm namy..i will!!!!haruslah kn..coz bkn sng nk dptkn cinta en faez, n en faez pun bkn sng nk lembutkn hati i yg pernah kering kontang b4 this...hihihi...mcm2 cara dia buat, so do i..hihi...namy pun,biar org nk ckp ape,just ignore k..kalau layan, smpai kiamat pun xabis..hehe..neway, tqvm dear..muaahh..!!